Friday, 16 November 2012

Day 11 Waheida again

This is our final day in the field for this season. The whole group went to Waheida to carry out some excavation and planning of some of the many lined stone arrangements that lie along one side of this vast wadi.

A small group continued the detailed GPS survey of the features of the site, and while doing this more surface metal and other finds became apparent. It is hoped that the detailed mapping of these features, together with the archaeological excavation and study of some of them will yield further insight into the exact nature of, and relationship between, the many arrangements of lines, circles, rectangles and other patterns of stone marked on the ground.

Before dinner we held our usual 'wash-up' session, where a representative selection of finds was put on display and the directors spoke about their reaction to the work this season. Without doubt this ha been the greatest season for discovery and development of the project to date, and further news of these  will be released as soon as possible via the press and this blog.

Tomorrow is our final R&R day before we begin  preparations for travelling home in the next few days. Many thanks to all of the team for being so helpful in making this blog interesting and stimulating for me to do, and especially to our followers, commenters and readers who make it so worthwhile.


  1. The pictures of Waheida give a real sense of the wide, open spaces you work in and the scale of the human in such a landscape.

    These two weeks seem to have passed very quickly. It's been interesting following progress through the Blog, as always: thanks for keeping us up to date about what you have been doing. I look forward to the next one!

  2. Great to let the folks back home see some of the amazing adventure we had on the Season 7 dig. Sad farewells at Amman airport as the group dispersed to all points of the globe,rather grubby but very pleased with the results of all our efforts.

    Thanks Roger for burning the midnight oil despite the erratic WiFi services - what would we do without our metal detectorer/handyman/blogger/geek?????