Sunday, 11 November 2012

Day 6 - 11th hour, 1th month, 11th day...

Today we stopped work at 11.00 local time in remembrance of all those brave men and women who gave their lives in conflict across the ages. The day was specifically dedicated by King George V on 7 November 1919 as a day of remembrance for members of the armed forces who were killed during World War I. A poem written by the waiting mother of a son on service in World War  One was read and we stood in reflection for a minute's silence.

The work continued today at Siddons Fort with more excavation and the revelation of some interesting finds, details of which will be included in a later blog. It can be seen in the images that one cleared section of wall has been revealed on the North West side of the main enclosure, showing an extremely well made tiered structure. This was no hastily made feature, but rather a well designed and built fortification.  While excavation continued, some of the team discussed the findings and postulated theories, and others planned and photographed the progress for report purposes.

Later the detectorists headed off to investigate Nick's Fort, so named because one of  the team had identified it from research using Google Earth. On the way across the desert we came across a vehicle stuck in the sand, and paused to tow the stricken vehicle free.

The fort is situated at the top of a steep, rocky hill and there is a small quarry near the top, where squared rock had been first blasted out and then cut. Very little was found here part from a few cartridges, indicating that this was probably not ever used in much of a conflict situation.

Tomorrow is our day off, with some of the team going into Petra while others are simply resting, grateful for a day when they don't have to travel for many hours to and from a working site. 

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