Monday, 12 November 2012

Day 7 Blog post 2 - R & R in Petra

On our first day off after 6 straight days in the field, many of the team took advantage of the opportunity to visit the historic city of Petra. Although some of us have been many times before, Petra is large and there is always something new to see or a new path to follow and investigate. 

One big change this year was the water - on entering the main Siq the path was flooded with flowing water from the recent storms, which made the walk down and through the sites interesting to say the least. Also when we were inside the sky was mainly overcast and it rained for some of the time. This is such a contrast to the usual blinding heat, and although it meant the views were somewhat dulled one advantage was that the long steep climb back out at the end of the visit was much cooler and easier for that. 

Here follows this years selection of images from within the amazing place, including some pictures of  exhibits inside the museum and also a very recognisable goofer in an excavation hole on the top of  a section of the Roman portion of the city. 


  1. Caroline Jennings12 November 2012 at 19:54

    Lovely pics, as always...
    Those two camels...are they the same ones every year, do you think?

  2. Wow, amazing pictures - lucky you

  3. Great matter how many images you see of Petra, they are always fascinating....such an astonishing place but so odd to see such a lot of water.......