Monday, 12 November 2012

Day 7 Blog post 1. The Rural Women Bazaar

Some of us who have been fortunate to be part of the team for several seasons always make a point of visiting this shop during our stay. Located just near the entrance to Petra, and much larger than it looks from the entrance, this store sells handicrafts, souvenirs, and traditional products and uses it proceeds to help better the plight of local Jordanian women.

This organization aims to help rural women improve their living standards and enhance their roles in the developmental process; they provide both financial and non-financial support for these women including training and marketing support for their business.


  1. Roger, great first week blog! I'm always impressed that you do this so well after an intensive day in the field.

    I do wish that the oral history component of GARP could get off the ground, no pun intended.

  2. Hi Bill. Great to hear from you and thank you very much for the kind comments. I think several folk are looking at ways of trying to get the oral history part to work. This year we have a Jordanian student working with us and it may be that we can use him to help us out a bit. I'll certainly put any developments in this field on the blog if we do. Thanks again.